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'Australia's Spectacular Cowries'
By: Peter Clarkson & Barry Wilson.

This comprehensive volume is designed as a practical handbook for marine biologists, divers, shell collectors, students, and naturalists. Covering 10 species of the endemic Australian genera Zoila and Umbilia, Australia's Spectacular Cowries offers an impressive collation of information on the variation, distribution, habitats, living and fossil history of these popular and beautiful marine animals. Most of the species in these groups are characterised by extreme variability in shell form and colour pattern.

With photographs of over 600 shell specimens, each of the known variations of every species is illustrated in full colour. The book also includes detailed distribution maps and more than 250 photographs of the animals in their natural habitats. Australian's Spectacular Cowries is a concise easy-to-read guide to these endemic Australian cowries.

Price 58 Euro plus postage, if required.


'Australian Marine Shells'
By: Dr. Barry Wilson.

This is the most up to date and comprehensive book on Australian shells, and is presented in two large volumes by Australia's leading conchologist.

Over 100 colour plates including shells with the living animals.

Price 58 Euros for both volumes. Postage extra.

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